"The Trinity of Blessings Attunement™" 

originally channeled by:  Theresa Helton-Grand Master Teacher  



About "The Trinity of Blessings Attunement™"  and How to Become a Master Teacher

The Archangel Michael sends his divine love to all beings. This attunement will be one that is simply the most profound thought that many have ever received, yet it is very basic and simple.

It is called the "The Trinity of Blessings Attunement™".

This Trinity Blessing Attunement came to RavenStar Enchantments Spiritual Awareness Center through Theresa Helton-Grand Master Teacher as gift of Archangel Michael during meditation and many conversations with the Archangel, with blessings from the Great Divine Mother, our Divine Patrons, and our spirit guides. We were to learn that the Archangel Michael is not only our guardian, but our Guide. He along with Archangel Raphael (our teacher of healing) continue to guide and teach us as we embrace destiny as a healer, a channel of the healing energies of the Universe, and a channel of Archangel Michael.

The receiving of this system and its symbol, was quick and unmistakable, but the instructions and wording were received as messages in a continuing manner over a period of time. Though many  have devoted much time to the actual creation of this document and symbol, the information found within these pages came as a gift from the Archangel Michael, himself.

This attunement is a key. It will open the door to an immeasurable bounty of blessings for those who not only accept the attunement, but implement its principles into their lives. This is an energy or Lightworker attunement. It is different from Reiki and stands alone.

The Archangel Michael is the Divine facilitator of Peace and protection. He is unlimited and can come to the aid of anyone who asks and can work with everyone and anyone simultaneously.

He is always available to us, as are all the angels and Archangels.

It is the responsibility of each Master Teacher to provide certificates for their students.

The Master Teachers have set the permanent price for attunements at $20.  However, gifting of this attunement as a gift of love or sacred trade, or energy exchange is acceptable

A copy of the Trinity Blessing manual is to be given to each student upon payment where applicable. Your Certification as a Master/Teacher will be attached.

Here is your link for your attunement and Master/Teacher Certification: