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How To Boost Your Manifestation Powers With The Magnetic Pull of The Moon

 A goal should scare you a little, and excite you a lot. When was the last time you scared yourself? Have you ever had a goal that was so big it scared you? Did you do something -anything -about it? Did you manifest that goal, or is it packed away somewhere like a bad Christmas gift, in a box labeled ‘pipe dream’?

I’m willing to bet that somewhere deep inside you, you harbor a wild, extraordinary goal that you don’t really believe you can achieve. I’m not talking about ‘big’ goals like paying off a mortgage or putting your kids through college. Those are important, but I’m talking about something else.

Think bigger - much bigger.

I’m talking about the kind of goal that shocks the neighbors. I’m talking about the kind of goal that, when you achieve it, it completely changes your life - forever.


 We have Liftoff - Breaking Through Social Gravity

When it comes to goals, there are three basic kinds: there are long term goals and short term goals, and then there’s what I call Breakthrough Goals. All of us set at least a few long term goals, like getting a college education or saving for retirement. We also set plenty of short term goals like losing a few pounds or getting our holiday shopping done before Christmas Eve.

But how many people ever set and then actually achieve Breakthrough Goals? You see, Breakthrough Goals aren’t like ordinary goals. Maybe you want to be a millionaire, or turn your favorite passion into a career. Maybe you’ve always wanted to buy a yacht and sail around the world. These are no ordinary goals, and for most people, they’re packed away in an attic somewhere because they’re just too scary to take seriously. Why? Because to achieve a goal like this, you have to break through forces of belief so strong that it’s kind of like breaking through gravity itself - social gravity.

Our society shares a collection of beliefs and assumptions about how life works, what’s possible and what isn’t. These ideas aren’t necessarily true, but most people believe them anyway. I’m not talking about the laws and rules of civil society, I’m talking about unwritten things like: you have to work hard to get ahead, only people born with a ‘silver spoon’ can live the good life, only the rich get richer, and probably the worst of all - really big dreams don’t really come true.


 Rocket Fuel for Your Manifesting Power

To pull off an extraordinary goal under the force of social gravity, you need extraordinary power. You need the energetic equivalent of rocket fuel to give yourself and your beliefs escape velocity. In the same way rockets headed for space need that extra boost of power to break through the Earth’s gravitational field, when you’ve got a goal that’s way beyond your current life circumstances, it needs a powerful boost.

The force of these beliefs is so powerful that most people give up on their greatest goals before they’ve even begun.

Planet School is where you need to be right now!

Now I know that if you’ve gone far enough to read this report, you’re not someone who wants to settle for a life of ordinary goals. I also know that if you’re reading this, you’ve probably got a Breakthrough Goal just waiting for you to act out. Heck, maybe you even have two!

I know that if you’re reading this, you’re looking for that rocket fuel that will power you out of the gravitational pull of social belief and propel you toward your goals and into the life you’ve been dreaming of.

I’m a huge fanatic about learning from the natural world. Our earth, solar system and universe have all been working quite nicely for millennia, so there’s plenty we can learn about living if we simply follow nature’s lead. As a Dr. of Metaphysics I know we our work is the bridge to bring science into spiritualism together in powerful manifestation and this will do just that.

Let’s start with something simple. How about an ear of corn? If you want to grow corn, you plant a seed in the earth, make sure it gets some water, and soon enough, a small sprout will burst from the seed, then out of the soil. As long as that sprout gets sunshine, water and warmth, it will grow into a corn plant.

But there’s another factor to consider here, and that’s timing. If you plant that seed in the frozen ground of winter, do you think you’ll get an ear of corn? Probably not. If you want to grow corn, you have to plant it at a time that’s optimal for the seed to sprout and the plant to grow without freezing.

Now, what most people don’t realize is that timing goes deeper than the seasons. You see, for most of human history, people followed the seasons, which are based on the sun. But they also followed the cycles of the moon.

So now you must be wondering, “What’s this ‘rocket fuel’ you’re talking about then” Let me explain ...

I’m a huge fanatic about learning from the natural world. As stated previously, “Our earth, solar system and universe have all been working quite nicely for millennia”, so there’s plenty we can learn about living if we simply follow nature’s lead.



There are 2 basic periods of the moon, waxing, and waning.

When the moon is waxing, it is coming into; when it is waning, it is going out of. It takes a bit less than 28 days for the moon to orbit the Earth and so there is a change from waxing to waning every 14 days. At the height of the full Moon the moon begins to go into the last quarter phase, the full Moon is waning.

Now it is 7 days and the waning of the full moon is complete and the waxing of the new Moon begins. Now, three days prior to the height of the New Moon the waxing phase produces a stronger and stronger pull. This is the period and the facts that you want to know about.





The Invisible Ally

Did you know that you’re more likely to catch fish during the three days before the new moon? Did you know that hunters do better going after quarry in those same three days? Farmers also know something about lunar timing.

 Consider this: A farmer plows his field. He then plants a seed and waters it. This softens the coat of the seed. If he does this during the waxing of the new moon (the final quarter before the new moon), he will get a better yield than doing it during other times in the moon’s monthly cycle.

And this power extends beyond farmers, hunters and fisher-folk. Wounds actually heal faster during the waxing of the new moon, and cuts bleed more during this time. Why? Because blood flow is stimulated. It’s literally pulled by the force of the moon.

Sounds like science fiction? It used to sound that way to me, too. But not anymore. After years of research and personal experience, I can tell you that these examples are actually scientific fact.

Now you’re probably thinking something like, “Okay, what does this have to do with me? I don’t live in a grass hut or dance naked under the moon!”

Bear with me while I explain ...

There are many other scientific facts regarding the moon that have an effect not only on your daily life but also on your consciousness so let me explain the phases of the moon as we know it through the science of astronomy. We’re mostly interested in four moon phases, the Full Moon, the New Moon, and the two, quarter moons.

When the moon is aligned on the same side of the earth as the sun, (between earth and sun), the sun shines on the side of the moon we can’t see here on earth. When this happens, we call it the New Moon.

When the moon is alongside the earth, the sun shines on the side facing it and we see only the half that’s lit. When this happens, we call it the half moon, or the quarter moon.

When the moon is on the opposite side of the earth from the sun, the sun shines on the face of the moon that we see, When this happens, we call it the full moon.


 Howling at the Moon

You can call me a “lunar-tic”, but what I’m suggesting here is that this lunar power is the exact same force you can harness to achieve your breakthrough goals. What I’m suggesting is that the moon itself, when you know how to harness its power, is like rocket fuel for your goals.

Now I’ll be the first to admit that I’m no astrophysicist, but I’m going to explain this complicated phenomenon in a way that we can all understand.

Let’s have a look at the tides of the oceans. We all know that the moon has a huge effect on tides. There are higher tides during the new moon than there are during the quarter moon phases. Why is this? Well, the oceans’ tides are actually pulled by the force of the moon to the earth.

You can think of the moon and earth as magnets, pulling toward each other. The moon’s magnetic pull is trying to pull the earth closer to it, but the earth is able to hold almost everything to it with its own magnetic force.

‘Almost’ is the key word here. One of the things the earth doesn’t have a complete magnetic grip on is water, because water is always in motion. And so since the earth doesn’t have a solid grasp on water, the moon’s gravitational pull moves it around in what we see as tides.

Now when we add the sun’s gravitational pull into the equation -during the new moon -the added gravity results in maximum tides.

Science has shown us that we humans are 80% water. So if the moon has such a powerful pull on the oceans’ tides, then isn’t it logical that it has an effect on us?

Moon, Earth, Sun = Full Moon

Earth, Moon, Sun = New Moon

Moon at Side Of Earth = 1/4 Moon

Moon, Earth, Sun = Full Moon

Earth, Moon, Sun = New Moon

Moon at Side of Earth = 1/4 Moon

I’m not aiming for 100% accuracy here, but what I want to do is illustrate how this lunar power does, in fact, affect us personally.

Let’s start with an old friend of mine, a veterinarian. When I explained the concept of New Moon Programming to him a few years back, he told me something I wasn’t aware of. He said that he would never de-horn an animal during the new moon because the wound would bleed too much. My friend reminded me that the people who live closest to nature are usually the ones who know the most about the power of the moon, because they have to rely on it for their success, and sometimes, even their survival. So true to me is this being raised traditional Romani Gypsy and woods-liver.

The moon has long been a key factor for farmers, with planting, cultivating, and harvesting times governed by the lunar cycle. This is why even today the Farmer's Almanac is so important, because its guidance and timing are determined annually by the moon’s phases.



Long before science had the tools to examine measure and understand the world, there were plenty of stories and beliefs about the moon’s power. These stories originate during the times when people relied on the cycles and seasons for their livelihoods and their lives.

Here are a few you might have heard:

Children are born easier just before the new moon, hair and finger nails grow back faster when they’re cut just before the new moon.

Or my personal favorite:

If you make a wish during the new moon, it will come true within the year.

Now I know people call these ideas ‘myths’ or ‘old wives tales’ but most myths and old wives tales come from a seed of truth. Might the myths of the moon come from observation and experience, long before science had tools to look for statistical proof?  Those in the know knew already...


The Science Behind the Myths

Today we have more than folk knowledge and Farmer’s Almanacs, however, we have science. In the past few decades there have been a few brave souls in the scientific and academic worlds who have dared to look at some of the myths of our ancestors to find out if there’s any truth behind tales of the moon’s power.

Take for example, a study at the University of Miami. Psychologist Arnold Lieber and some colleagues wanted to test the ‘old wives’ tale’ about ‘lunacy’ during the full-moon. They gathered data on the 1,887 homicides of Dade County, Florida (Miami) from the previous 15 years. When they correlated these homicides with lunar phases, what they found shocked them -both the homicides and the moon cycles rose and fell consistently together for all 15 years.

Another study by the American Institute of Medical Climatology called “The Effect of the Full Moon on Human Behavior” found similar results.

While scientists want hard facts, there are plenty of people who’s day-to-day (or maybe we should say, month-to-month) experiences taught them this without any numbers and statistics. Hospital workers and police officers deal in another kind of ‘hard data’ -human lives. And these folks have known the truth about the connection between the moon, madness and emergencies for a long time. In fact, in England during the 18th century, if a crime was committed during the full moon, the criminal could get a lighter sentence by pleading ‘lunacy.’

Dr. Lieber, after conducting his research, speculated that, since humans are made up of almost 80% water, we, too, may undergo what he calls “biological tides”. In the case of murder, he suggests that someone who is already psychologically unstable, might be ‘pushed over the edge’ when the moon’s pull is greatest.

Here’s another example on the powerful effect of the moon on our bodies.

There was a study conducted by the Royal Liverpool University Hospital to examine the timing of urological admissions. "Our study assessed whether the gravitational pull of the moon generated a tidal wave of increased emergency urological admissions," said the researchers. What they found was that, during full moon days, these admissions were higher, while during the period of the new moon, there was a “calming effect” on urological problems.



 Are You Swimming Against the Current?

If you’ve been working with me for awhile, you know that your thoughts, and everything else, are vibrations that actually extend out into the universe and draw back to you the people, experiences and objects that match it. Now we also know that the moon amplifies everything and has a powerful ‘pull’ during the waxing of its new moon phase. When we work against this pull, it’s a lot like paddling against the tide. But when we go with the flow, we can let the waves of lunar power float us to the shores of our breakthrough goals.

So, with this knowledge, we can see that nature has given us a powerful tool for achieving breakthrough goals - the moon. Now the question is, are you ready to go with the flow of lunar-powered tides, or do you still want to swim against the current?



"The most important thing about goals is having one."

- Geoffry F. Abert Dr. Dean Radin and Jannine Rebman  of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, were curious about the moon’s power to effect cash-flow.

Back in 1998, they had a look at four years of gaming data from one of the major casinos. What they found surprised them more than the fact that they got their hands on this top-secret information to begin with!

The data revealed that the winning percentages on five different casino games (blackjack, keno, craps, roulette and slot machines) were highest during the six days surrounding the time of the full moon.

More than that, three of the five games (keno, roulette and the slots) had the highest pay-outs within 24 hours of the full moon. Now think about it: the odds of this occurring by chance alone are somewhere around 2,000 to 1.

"The most important thing about goals is having one."



 Go With The Flow

Here’s how I go with the flow to super-charge my goals. During the waxing of the new moon I go to the meditation state and do a specific kind of visualization manifesting the thing that I want. I use both the power of timing and visualizations that help me ‘go with the flow,’ in order to give my meditation the most possible power.

By harnessing the power of the new moon in this way, I flow with nature’s timing, making it easier to achieve my breakthrough goals.

You see, with the help of the pull of the new moon’s attraction, when the energy of my thoughts leaves me, they permeate the universe quicker and more completely. In other words, when I use this wave of energy created by the moon, and then control it even to a small degree, I have a better chance of successful manifestation.

The beauty of New Moon Programming is that it can be used on its own, or it can enhance whatever meditation program you’re already using. Think of it as rocket fuel for super-charging your manifestation goals.

Have you ever planned to achieve or manifest something that you thought would be a cinch but it ended up being a nightmare?

We’ve probably all had those times when we set out to accomplish something simple, but ended up facing so many darn obstacles along the way that it never happened.

The intention was there. The planning was there. Even sometimes the right people or circumstances were there, but no matter how hard you tried, nothing seemed to work. It’s like you had no power behind your intentions, meditations or even, your quantum jumps. Manifestation, if it happened at all, came about slowly or incompletely.

It can be frustrating, I know, and I’ve had these kinds of situations enough to know I don’t want them anymore.


“Fly Me to the Moon, Raven!”

Now that you understand the concept, I’m quite sure you can imagine how the Lunar Effect Program can improve all your efforts for a better life. It’s a phenomenon that ties in perfectly with the other concepts I’ve introduced to you in the past, such as Quantum Jumping and Past Life Regression.

Why? Because you can combine these practices together into an optimized process that becomes more than the sum of its parts. Or if you haven’t studied any of my previous concepts, you can still use this as a standalone process and reap the rewards.

If you’d like to dive deeper into the Lunar Effect Program phenomenon and start applying it in your life, you’ll be glad to know I’ve created a brand new innovative training program on the subject that works hands on with clients empowering them with this powerful work in metaphysics. Let me tell you a little more about it. If you are not excited by now about what I shared then there is no need to read further. But if so lets continue to Part 2.




It can be frustrating, I know, and I’ve had these kinds of situations enough to know I don’t want them anymore.

Why is it that sometimes, what appear to be simple goals, seem to remain eternally out of reach? And why is it that sometimes, things you thought would be difficult -or even impossible - to accomplish, seem come about almost effortlessly?

If you’ve been asking these questions, you’re not alone. Back about 27 years ago, I was asking these questions myself. That is, until I discovered something so simple, something that may have been really obvious to our predecessors, that I could hardly believe I’d missed it all those years. I discovered the power of timing.

You can buy the same house in the same neighborhood, then sell it, and you could make a fortune or lose your shirt. It all depends on timing. You can buy the exact same stock and then sell it, but according to the trading environment you can win or lose.

They say timing is everything. Well my friends, what I found out more than 25 years ago is that this isn’t just a pat phrase. In fact, there’s a long history of truth behind the idea of proper timing and even today, folks who live close to the earth know that timing their actions not just with the sun, but with the moon, has a powerful impact on their lives.

It can be frustrating, I know, and I’ve had these kinds of situations enough to know I don’t want them anymore. And now I can apply the powerful laws of Numerology with Lunar Power to make anyone easily do what the powers of nature are doing on their own natural rhythm and accord.

The Lunar Effect Program is a collection of physics and ‘Lunar Exercises’, which are essentially designed to take you into the Alpha Level, align your subconscious mind with the phases of the moon, and manifest your desired outcomes. The program is divided into 3 parts, each containing 3 modules and walked through extensively with you by our Moon Goddess and I:


Part 1: Introduction to Lunar Effect Program

We’ll start by building the foundations of your own individualized Lunar Effect practice. Here you’ll learn about the phases of the moon and how to work with them. You’ll also experience your first Lunar Effects Exercise and a spell / ritual so advanced for your individual working you will be amazed on its timing and success.


Part 2: Attracting Abundance

After learning the foundations, we’ll focus on what most people want more of: abundance. Abundance in wealth, health and relationships. We’ll go into the three steps for attracting abundance through Lunar Effect Programming, followed by a Lunar Exercise designed specifically to attract affluence.


Part 3: The Lunar Effect Super Moon

In this final part we’ll combine the power of Lunar Effect Programming with Quantum Jumping -one of the most powerful techniques I have ever discovered -to envision a Super Moon in an alternate universe. This Super Moon is twice the size of the regular moon, which means it has more drawing power, and more power to attract your desires. We’ll then finish off with the most potent Lunar Effect Exercise in the entire program:

The Quantum Jumping Lunar Effect.

Of course if you’ve used any of my other programs in the past, you’ll know that you’re learning experience extends far beyond lessons. You’ll also get access to my secure private one on one client area, where you can interact and share experiences with the rest of the global Lunar Effect Program community as we continue to take this journey together. I’ll also actively communicate with you through this membership privilege by video chat telephone and or email correspondence along with my professional certified staff, so you can get my feedback and suggestions to help you get the most out of the program.

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