Camp Romani New Mexico, located in La Joya, NM, is a Rom Kangeri' {Church of the Romani's} where truth and competency is expressed to support the Romanipen {traditional values of the Rom} and struggles the Romani {true gypsy} experience worldwide and also in the America's.

We support Traveler's, Rom's and Roadside Familia's with a spa healing spiritual community of licenses and certified practitioners, laundry facility, rest, camping, fresh naturally grown food and any other assistance: legal, civil or life enhancements within the secure structure of our Vista {clan} support.
Referral systems and support agencies that will help and assist those Romani's that do not have the blessings social security and gov agencies offer to other American's.
Our work is heavy and burdensome but richly rewarding in the advancements of Romani Inclusion in the America's.
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