Camp Romani New Mexico

October 25, 2016
Camp Romani New Mexico, located in La Joya, NM, is a Rom Kangeri' {Church of the Romani's} where truth and competency is expressed to support the Romanipen {traditional values of the Rom} and struggles the Romani {true gypsy} experience worldwide and also in the America's.

We support Traveler's, Rom's and Roadside Familia's with a spa healing spiritual community of licenses and certified practitioners, laundry facility, rest, camping, fresh naturally grown food and any other assistance: legal, civil or life enhancements within the secure structure of our Vista {clan} support.
Referral systems and support agencies that will help and assist those Romani's that do not have the blessings social security and gov agencies offer to other American's.
Our work is heavy and burdensome but richly rewarding in the advancements of Romani Inclusion in the America's.
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The Lunar Effect Program!

April 27, 2012
Exciting and well advanced. One time membership fee of $50.00.


How To Boost Your Manifestation Powers With The Magnetic Pull of The Moon

 A goal should scare you a little, and excite you a lot. When was the last time you scared yourself? Have you ever had a goal that was so big it scared you? Did you do something -anything -about it? Did you manifest that goal, or is it packed away somewhere like a bad Christmas gift, in a box labeled ‘pipe dream’?


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Metaphysics of May 20th Total Eclipse

April 26, 2012
Available by using our online store Love Offering secure PayPal account for only $10.00 I have an exhaustive 12 page read on the spiritual metaphysics of next months Total Eclipse.
On May 20th.
This Eclipse begins west of Hong Kong, then it passes north of Taiwan and over Tokyo and Mount Fuji. It arcs up just south of the Aleutian Islands, Alaska at Maximum Eclipse (at 23:47 Universal Time = 14:47 AHDT / local time), then makes landfall at the northernmost edge of the San Andreas Fault. It pa...
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Monthly Membership Benefits Program

April 18, 2012
We have reached International status for our Monthly Membership Benefit Program and in responce and gratitude we have greatly slashed our already modest price for this service offered by a certified professional staff.
I have found no other available to compare to and pledge my constant dedication to those on a path of self-empowerment.
In Light and Service;
Dr. Raven Dolick M.s.D.

Services Offered But not Limited to:

Clientele Membership Package:

20% discounts on all books and material. 2 Free...

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About Me

As a Dr. of Metaphysics (M.s.D.), I define metaphysics as the place where modern science and spirituality find common ground. It is an all encompassing philosophy that explores the ultimate nature of consciousness and the principles by which consciousness leads to form, or in very simple terms, how "thoughts" become "things". As a M.s.D in today’s world I utilize many fields of interest and for that reason, I have effectively become a confidant and specialized with a global clientele. My Work in Metaphysics shares extreme success in utilizing any one or a combination of the following subjects: Philosophy, Religion, Parapsychology, Mysticism, ESP, Dream Analysis, Jungian Psychology, Astrology, Master Numerologist, Paranormal Research and Remedy, Demonology, Meditation, Self-Help Studies, Higher Magick, Positive Thinking, Work with the Kabbalah, and even Quantum Physics. The common denominator of these modalities I utilize, and all similar subjects’, deals with an exploration of reality, and in the idealistic sense, how such knowledge may benefit human life on this earth, both individually and collectively.


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