The only redemption for mankind is to realize it's own divinity. 

We are the seeds of that realization! 

We are the only creation that is directly from the Creator! EVERYTHING else has been created by our own thinking and feeling it into being. 

Don't you know the purest form of Love is the freedom of will the Creator gave you so that you would explore the dimensions of thought and expand the mind of God?

RavenStar Spiritual Awareness Center is ran by ordained ministers, soul counselors, Reiki Master and Doctors of Metaphysics which all have completed accredited courses and obtained credentials.

We are an educational and in-service spiritual center. 

Our goal is to assist and empower people on their individual spiritual path through education, counseling and utilizing healing arts.  

We ordain and certify our own Ministers and Doctors of Metaphysics with all the rights and privileges allowed by constitutional law. 

Those already trained, ordained or actively practicing are encouraged to share their skills and arts with us by joining our professional team.

Our Spiritual Retreats can be veiwed by clicking on the tab RavenStar Retreats.