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Let's take a walk in the night, under the moon.

 I'll be your guide on our little walk. Lets step outside in this crisp evening , the sky is clear and the Moon is Full. Oh excuse me while I Kiss my hand to the Moon, its an old custom to my traditional values as a Romani Gypsy that brings Good Luck. Do you feel the magic?? Are you just a little curious about the Mysteries of the Moon?? The Myths, the Festivals, Rituals and the different Faces the Moon shows us?? During our walk we'll talk about all these things and More so when someone says "Ah!!! It must be a Full Moon!!!" A lil twinkle will shine from your eye because you'll know.....

''The Earth and its rotating Moon hold many amazing Energies. Tune in and Enjoy!!!"

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Now put in motion is ~The-Lunar-Effect-Program~ With this new program you "Will" be able to live your life with the Phases of the Moon. To be able to Reach those Goals that you have dreamed about. You will receive guidance from our professional certified staff by actively communicating with them. This program will enhance your living experience!!! 

The Earth and its orbiting moon hold many amazing energies. 
Tune in and enjoy!!!


~Gardening By the Moon~

The Moon is linked with the Earth and controls the tides of the oceans and seas by it’s gravitational pull. Plants respond to the same gravitational pull of tides that affect the oceans, which alternately stimulates root and leaf growth. Seeds sprout more quickly, plants grow vigorously and at an optimum rate, harvests are larger and they don't go to seed as fast.
It makes sense that many has been using the magic of the Moon and her phases to get the maximum benefits from their crops and garden stock.

 Lunar planting is influenced by two factors the lunar phase controls the amount of moisture in the soil. The astrological signs of the zodiac correspond with the elements of water, earth, fire, or air. Each plant has a preference for what elemental sign it is planted in. The best time for starting seeds of most annual plants is during the fertile water signs, but root crops like earth signs, and flowers especially like the air sign of Libra. The moon sign changes every few days. 

Use the time of the New Moon to plant seeds of plants that appear above ground, whose seeds appear outside the plant, such as broccoli, cauliflower, spinach and grains.

The second quarter and particularly a couple of days before the Full Moon appears, is the optimum time to plant crops which grow above ground and whose seed is inside the plant, such as tomatoes, peppers, melons and beans.
The Full Moon and Waning Moon is perfect for planting bulbs, flower seed and root crops such as carrots, potatoes and onions. It’s also a great time for transplanting plants.
The period just before the New Moon is an inactive one, being best for harvesting, pruning, transplanting and cutting grass.

~Flowers and Plants connected with the Moon~

Acanthus: The acanthus plant is said to have grown around the pot placed on the grave of a young girl in the ancient Greek city of Corinth, and was so beautiful growing around the pot, the architect which spotted it was inspired to create the Corinthian column, known throughout the world.

Daisy: Representing innocence and also is the plant of St. Mary Magdalene. Spring is said to have truly arrived when you can place your foot on twelve daisies.

Honeysuckle: Devotion, generosity, sweetness, fidelity.

Hyssop: Cleanliness and used for fending off evil spirits and energies.

Iris: Wisdom, valour, inspiration, ardour, faith and hope. Named after Iris, the Goddess of the Rainbow, who was a messenger on Mount Olympus.

Moonwort: A fern with legendary properties including: raising the dead, opening locks and unshoe-ing horses that tread on it. If gathered by the light of the Moon, magical properties will abound.

Myrtle: Love, marriage, beautifully scented. It is said that if a myrtle bush is planted either side of the door, love and peace will forever be in the household.

Poppy: Consolation, moderation.

Speedwell: The name is derived from the story concerning a young girl (later canonized as St. Veronica) who wiped Jesus Christ’s face with Speedwell flowers on his journey to Calvary. As a result of this, healing properties were transferred to this lovely plant.

Wallflower: Constancy, sweetness, delicacy.

Water Lily: Purity of heart, charm.

White Lily: Purity, modesty, innocence. Chinese symbol of abundance.

Willow: Dreams, enchantment, wisdom and healing. Particularly associated with Moon Magic, especially

 By the Moon we sport and play, With the night begins our day.


To assist you on our walk I'll list the topics for you here so it'll be more helpful for you to locate where we're at on stuff. Just stroll on past the information you really don't need at the moment. I hope this helps you...


1. "Full Moons By Their Months Names"

2. Moon Passages

3. Special Moons

4. Living by the Moon

5. Moon Recipes for Foods and Drinks

6. The Moon's Appearance for Weather

7. Your Moon Sign (You can have a Moon Sign Chart from RavenStar Enchantments details on how to recieve your own is on the Home Page)

8. FullMoon Cleansing of your crystals and gems


    "Full Moons By Their Months Name"

January - Wolf Moon but also called: Quiet Moon, Snow Moon, Cold Moon, Chaste Moon, Disting Moon, and Moon of Little Winter. Calls for cleansing and renewal as the New Year begins; it is the time for starting over, washing away the past, and fresh beginnings.

February- Ice Moon but also called: Storm Moon, Horning Moon, Hungry Moon, Wild Moon, Red & Cleansing Moon, Quickening Moon, Solmonath (Sun Moon), and Big Winter Moon. Winter's supplies depleted, the yearning for spring is a hunger of the soul as well as the belly.

March- Storm Moon but also called: Seed Moon, Moon of Winds, Plow Moon, Worm Moon, Hrethmonath (Hertha's Month), Lentzinmanoth (Renewal Month), Lenting Moon, Sap Moon, Crow Moon, and Moon of the Snowbling. The thawing of the earth brings a renewal of life as the earthworms break the soil and emerge from the damp earth in the moonlight.

April- Growing Moon but also called: Hare Moon, Seed or Planting Moon, Planter's Moon, Budding Trees Moon, Eastermonath (Eostre Month), Ostarmanoth, Pink Moon, and Green Grass Moon. The spring fills the meadows with the pink heads of wildflowers and new grass.

May- Hare Moon but also called: Merry or Dyad Moon, Bright Moon, Flower Moon, Frogs Return Moon, Thrimilcmonath (Thrice-Milk Month), Sprout Kale, Winnemanoth (Joy Month), Planting Moon, and Moon When the Ponies Shed. The birth of animals, domestic and wild, brings forth the mother's milk, the life-giver, and first fook of man and beast.

June- Mead Moon but also called: Moon of Horses, Lovers' Moon, Strong Sun Moon, Honey Moon, Aerra Litha (Before Lithia), Brachmanoth (Break Month), Strawberry Moon, Rose Moon, and Moon of Making Fat. the Moon of the month of Gemini, this period honors twins and the sacred marriage of the god and goddess, bringing two into one.

July- Hay Moon but also called: Wort Moon, Moon of Claiming, Moon of Blood (because of mosquitoes), Blessing Moon, Maedmonat (Meadow Month), Hewimanoth (Hay Month), Fallow Moon, Buck Moon, and Thunder Moon. Wort being an ancient word for herbs, it is the Moon for gathering of herbs, replenishing the stores of medicinal plants, and drying them in the heat of summer for the long winter to come.

August- Corn Moon but also called: Barley Moon, Dispute Moon, Weodmonath (Vegetation Month), Harvest Moon, and Moon When Cherries Turn Black. The earth mother gives birth to bountiful harvest; with full bellies and hope for continuation, we settle our disputes and put away old anger as we look forward to the long, peaceful winter to come.

September- Harvest Moon but also called Wine Moon, Singing Moon, Sturgeon Moon, Haligmonath (Holy Month), Witumanoth (Wood Month), and Moon When Deer Paw the Earth. The Celtic Moon of exhilaration, driven by forces of work to obtain completion--of the harvest, the wine making, and insight for the future.

October- Blood Moon but also called: Harvest Moon, Shedding Moon, Winterfylleth (Winter Coming), Windermanoth (Vintage Month). Falling Leaf Moon, Ten Colds Moon, and Moon of the Changing Season. The Moon where the deer shed their antlers and begin the rut--the compelling drive to create new life that supersedes the death of winter.

October 27-November 1: Blue Moon but also called: Moon of the Dead, Hunting Moon, Ancestor Moon, and Hunter's Moon.

November- Snow Moon but also called: Dark Moon, Fog Moon, Beaver Moon, Mourning Moon, Blotmonath (Sacrifice Month), Herbistmanoth (Harvest Month), Mad Moon, Moon of Storms, and When Deer Shed Antlers. The Celtic tree month of the Reed and Elder tree overlap with the reed representing the Moon of silence, inner workings, and strength and the elder representing the Moon of completion; the days shorten as the end of the year draws near.

December- Cold Moon but also called: Oak Moon, Wolf Moon, Moon of Long Nights, Long Night's Moon, Aerra Geola (Month Before Yule), Wintermonat (Winter Month), Heilagmanoth (Holy Month), Big Winter Moon, and Moon of Popping Trees. Sacred tree of the ancients, strong enough to withstand the harshest winter, renewal of the New Year, straddling the old, dark year and the new light year two worlds, as the oak tree's roots are in the dark earth and its branches are in the sky.


"Moon Passage"

A new Moon rises with the sun,Its waxing half at midday shows,The full Moon climbs at sunset hour,And waning half the midnight knows.

From New Moon through to Full, Waning, and back to New again. It takes 29 1/2 days for the Moon to pass through this cycle.

 When the New Moon appears in the evening sky, you can cup the silver sickle in your right palm in the Northern Hemisphere or in your left in the Southern Hemisphere.

 As the days progress, the Moon rises later and later, and when she is full she rides high in the sky at midnight.

 When the Moon is waning she can be seen in the small hours, gradually disappearing into the dawn.

 The "Dark of the Moon" is the time between the disappearance of the Waning Moon and the reappearance of the New Moon, when the  Moon cannot be seen.

 The Moon becomes "new" in the middle of her dark period. She is invisible at this time because she is too close to the Sun. We see the first sickle of New Moon as she begins to draw away from the Sun at the start of a fresh cycle.

The Moon always keeps the same side turned toward us-we never see her other face.

~~Special Moons~~

The Full Moon actually covers three days, including the night of the Full Moon, itself. This is a time for  action, for harvesting the fruits of our labors, for realizing that which we began at the last cycle, and giving back.

The Dark Moon is the three day period from the last sliver of moonlight to the first sliver of moonlight. This is the time of introspection; of looking within and meditating on the shadow self.

Moon Void of Course is as the moon orbits the Earth, it passes in and out of the 12 signs of the zodiac. A void-of-course moon is the time period when the moon makes no major aspect with other planets before entering another sign. The duration of this period can be as little as a few seconds or it can be longer than a day. The Moon rules the emotions, so one can expect to experience feelings of "disconnectedness," as well as emotional upsets, turnarounds, and variability. Therefore, it's a good rule of thumb not to sign contracts, start rituals, cast spells, or begin anything that would require any degree of emotional commitment until the Moon is aspected once again.

Blue Moon is that wonderful occurrence when the Full Moon shows us her face twice in one month. Also known as a Goal Moon, it's an excellent time to set new goals for you.

EclipsesLunar Eclipses represent the perfect union of the Sun and Moon, any type of magick worked or energy sent out during this time will be amplified. The Lunar Eclipse happens only at Full Moon when Earth gets between the Sun and Moon, and the Moon appears to turn blood red at midnight. A Solar Eclipse happens only at New Moon when the Moon gets between the Sun an Earth. Because the Moon is relatively small, Solar Eclipses are rarely total.

~~Living by the Moon~~

Living by the Moon means that your life runs more smoothly and that you feel healthier and more energetic.

New Moon: Make plans and new beginnings or make a new start on an established project. Put new resolutions into practice.

Waxing Moon: Now a project can hit its stride. Be careful of overdoing things. Direct your enthusiasm well. Get in touch with friends; be active. If you need to be on a "build-up" diet, now is the time for your body to absorb nutrients.

Full Moon: Bring things to fruition and abandon what isn't working. Parties, outings, events, cooking in bulk, love fests-all go best now. Buy a big bunch of flowers; pour yourself a glass of something delicious, and toast the Moon! Go to a  gig or concert and soak up the vibes.

Waning Moon: Analyze things, shed the unnecessary, have a big sorting-out. A detox or weight-reduction will work best now. Get together with friends to weed gardens,strip wallpaper, and have quiet time chatting and relaxing into the evening with close companions.

Dark Moon: Enjoy a few quiet days; think, light a candle, burn some incense, and reflect upon your life and your plans.

"While celebrating the different Moon Phases try out some of these foods and drinks"

~~White Moon Cakes~~

3 c. flour
3 tsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp. salt
2/3 c. butter or shortening
2 c. sugar
1 c. milk
1 tsp. vanilla
5 egg whites

Cream shortening. Add sugar gradually and cream together until light and fluffy. Add flour mixture alternately with milk. Beat well after each addition. Add vanilla and fold in egg whites which have been stiffly beaten. Bake in 2 layers in moderate oven (350 degrees) for 25 minutes. Spread Moonglow Lemon Frosting (recipe follows) between layers and on sides of cake.
~~Moon Glow Lemon Frosting~~
Grated rind of one lemon
4 tbsp. of lemon juice
2 egg yolks
2 1/2 cups of confectioners sugar
Add lemon rind and juice to yokes. Stir in sugar until spreading consistency.
"Vanilla Moon Crater Cookies"

1 Cup Shortening
1 Cup Sugar
1/3 Cup Sweetened Condensed Milk
2 Tbsp Corn Syrup
1 tsp Vanilla
1 tsp Baking Soda
1 tsp Baking Powder
3 Egg Whites (whites only)
1/2 Bag of Mini Marshmallows (half of one 10.5 oz bag)
3 Cups All Purpose Flour


Preheat oven to 350 degrees fahrenheit.Blend all the contents together but for the floor on medium speed for 3 minutes.Slow mixer to slow speed and slowly add flour. When all flour is mixed in, increase mixing speed to medium for one minute.Grease a cookie sheet with shortening.Roll dough into golf ball sized dough balls and place on cookie sheet.Bake at 350 degrees fahrenheit for 9 minutes, or until cookies are lightly browned. Do not overcook. Cookies will be puffed up when hot and will flatten out upon cooling.

Moon Water Tonic

Tonic waters containing the energies of the moon embody very powerful healing benefits that bring about integral balance and wholeness throughout the body, mind and soul. Clear quartz crystal catalyzes the absorption of lunar energies as well as amplifies the healing benefits.

~Moon Water~

1. Wait for the night before a full moon or on the full moon. Put your crystal in a clear glass, and cover with one cup of water. (you can make more moon water in bigger containers if you wish)

2. Check for the time of sundown on the day you have chosen. At sundown place the glass outside in a moonlit place (cover the glass with clear plastic wrap). You then ask the Goddess "Gracious Goddess, from the Moon above, Fill this jar with magick and love." So Mote it be...

3. Remove the glass at dawn. The water is now filled with lunar potency. Drink the water every morning to prepare your body, mind and spirit for the stress of the day.


The Moon's Appearance and The Weather

Pale Moon doth rain, Red Moon doth blow, White Moon doth neither rain nor snow.

Clear Moon, frost soon.

A dark mist over the Moon is a promise of rain.

A Full Moon eats the clouds away.

A New Moon and a windy night sweep the cobwebs out of sight.

A Red Moon is a sure sign of high winds.

And should the Moon wear a halo of red, a tempest is at nigh.

Many rings around the Moon signal a series of severe blasts.

A single ring around the Moon that quickly vanishes heralds fine weather.

When the New Moon holds  the Old Moon in its arms (ring around the New Moon) disasters at sea occur.

Sharp horns on the Sickle Moon indicates strong winds.

Blunt horns on a Crescent Moon presage a long spell of fair weather.

~~Your Moon Sign~~

The Moon's place in the zodiac at the time of your birth has a direct bearing on your instinctive behavior, habits, response to the environment in which you live, and inherited characteristics.

A birth at  dark-of-the-Moon is greeted with rejoicing. To be born at any time during a waxing Moon is regarded as a good omen, for the child will grow as the Moon does. Those born during a waning Moon are protected from harm by charms, amulets, and supportive ritual.

An Aries Moon at the time of your birth lends courage and recklessness.

If your Moon sign is Taurus, stability and bold determination are present.

To be born under the Gemini Moon foretells liveliness and versatility.

Sensitivity, tenacity, and originality are gifts of a Cancer Moon.

Leo's Moon brings with it strength, self-confidence, and creativity.

The Moon sign of virgo bestows discrimination and meticulousness.

The influence of the Moon in Libra adds idealism and a bit of indolence.

When your Moon sign is Scorpio, you are proud, moody, and possessive.

A Sagittarius Moon connotes intuitive power and a certain restlessness.

Capricorn Moon in your horoscope grants patience and a cautious nature.

An Aquarius Moon sign indicates humanity and a touch of eccentricity.

Imagination and a loving spirit grace those born under the Moon in Pisces.


~~Full Moon Cleansing of Your Crystals and Gems~~

Full moon is a great time to energetically clear and cleanse your crystals and gemstones.  Clear Quartz crystals amplify whatever energies that surround them.  So it is a good idea to clear and cleanse them of any unwanted energy- bad moods, negative thoughts, arguments that kind of unwanted energy. One of my favorite ways to cleanse my stones is to put them outside under the full moon.  The energy of the moon light washes away anything that is no longer needed.  I like to leave them out all night and into the next day so they can be charged by the light of the sun.The day before the full moon and the day after are also acceptable times to cleanse your stones. You can place them directly on the ground or put them on a soft cloth and lay them on a table where the moon light will shine brightly onto the stones.

I find that after I have placed my crystals in the moonlight, they have a brighter glow to them, shining, radiating and ready for whatever comes along. All color gemstones can be cleansed by the moon too.

   So get  your crystals out and give them a full moon bath!



Grated rind of 1 lemon
4 tbsp.GGg lemon juice
2 egg yolks
2 1/2 c. confectioner's sugar