Camp Romani is an educational and spiritual center reflective of the traditions, ethnicity, and spirituality of the Roma People.

Camp Romani located in La Joya New Mexico has a facebook page for those who engage:

A note from Raven Dolick MsD/Romani Chovihano:

Intuitive Tarot has been a Romani modality for ages and through our work in this area outshine many in our perfection of divination.
I have over 30 plus years of experience. I have worked at many settings around the country as a reader in residence and at a wide variety of fairs and expos.

I offer a unique approach to reading in which both reader and seeker are equally involved.

For your secured paypal reading click here:!/Camp-Romani-Tarot-and-Tea-Lounge-Reading/p/10054528/category=2441583

You may have a chat reading from me through facebook after your purchase at:

By phone no problem!
After checkout using our secure Paypal in our Online Store text me with a call back phone number at (575) 263-1507.

If available I can assist without an appointment and time scheduled.
Email your reading to you after purchase.
Easily done!
Look for my return email:

All work done is sent to the email service provider you have used when you made your Pay Pal purchase!

Most readings usually are around 60 minutes and a set fee of only $20.00.

This is the same price as when we started in 1986!

This is a substantial saving considering many charge a dollar a minute! And may very well NOT harness the skills and integrity as I.

I am also available for local gatherings and events and can substantially help your non-profit organization!

Long distance travel is possible for large events.

I believe we all are here to share our gifts and teach each other what we can from the heart!

In Light and service;

Dr Raven Dolick MsD/Chovihano

Camp Romani New Mexico~Rom Kangeri'