About Us

We are a Spiritual Awareness Center that represents the true traditions and ethnicity of the Romani people. 

We share the common interest of Self Empowerment while meeting our full potential as spiritual beings and care givers to the Sacred Mother Earth.  

Through our training facility and work exchange program located in the beautiful 1800 circa Spanish Village of La Joya, NM. 

We offer accreditation for those interested in working through our Center as Ordained Ministers, Doctors of Metaphysics and other certified Degrees.

We provide our clients with professional services at modest fees so your path to self empowerment can and will be met through us without financial hardship.  


RavenStar Enchantments Retreat's are  located in the beautiful hot springs resort city in Truth or Consequences, NM Radium Springs, NM

Mountainair, NM 

And we are adding more retreat areas so check in for updates!

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