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       As the original proprietor and Administrator of Operations to RavenStar Enchantments Spiritual Awareness Center I offer training for Pagan Ministries, Healers and Lightworkers and while also providing professional services to clientele including Astrology, Numerology, Angel work, Tarot and all arts associated with Romani tradition, ethnicity and Magic  Crafte.

I  also host group and individual retreats that can be seen by clicking on the RavenStar Retreats tab.

   I only endorse Ministers, Healers and Lightworkers that are certified through RavenStar Enchantments Spiritual Awareness Center. In this way your expectations for professional and confidential services can be fully met.

If you would like to purchase material, plan a retreat, receive counsel or become part of our professional team you may contact our Administrator  by clicking on the Capcha 

secure contact tab at top of this page.


One year program that will require you to travel with me and be secure in your finances until your first 3 month.s

Possibility to start earning $80o.oo a month as a live in personal assistant.

You will be trained as a teacher, soul counselor, and any course study you desire as you also learn all operations of administrative roles .

Message me by filling out the "contact us" message form at top of this main page.

Click on the "Raven Dolick Doctor of Metaphysics" tab to see more of my extensive work.


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 New From My Private Library


We have several new Metaphysical Ebooks available from my Private Library. 

Here is a list of some current additions!

See more of them by clicking on our ONLINE STORE tab!

Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection

4 years in the writing this college textbook will satisfy the truth that anyone can and will reopen their dream world and also effectively take it into higher realms of Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection. From years of hands on successful clientele work this ebook is a must for all wanting to dream again and those wanting to learn the hidden skills of lucidity and astral projection.

 Follow our secure PayPal link here... http://www.ravenstarenchantments.com/online-store.php#ecwid:category=2441570&mode=product&product=13242547


Pagan Ministers Pagan Parenting Manual: http://www.ravenstarenchantments.com/online-store.php#!/~/product/category=2441570&id=19157777


Ministers Pagan Handfasting Journal.

For many Pagans and Wiccans, a handfasting ceremony is a great way to get married. A handfasting typically honors the gods or goddesses of your tradition, and incorporates Wiccan and Pagan elements into the marriage ceremony. In addition, a handfasting can be held by hetero couples, same-sex couples, and even poly groups. Read on for some information about how to make your handfasting an event that you -- and your guests -- will remember for a long time to come! http://www.ravenstarenchantments.com/online-store.php#!/~/product/category=2441570&id=19157777



Romani Playing Cards and Fortune Telling

Today's playing cards are so common place that it may seem to be a stretch that they have meaning beyond their role in game-playing. However, playing cards are based on an ancient system similar to the Tarot. Each birthday of the year is associated with a main playing card, the Birth Card, and each tells its own story. This Ebook available also on Cd-R gives you all the valuable information taught to me by my Romani Gypsy Familia and our old tradition.


To The Crystal Children, The Indigo, The Translucents and Lightworkers

This is the time in-between, the time of transition. As we pass through transition there is a colossal, global convergence of environmental destruction, social chaos, war, and ongoing Earth Changes. Humanity will continue, but in a different way. Material structures will change. From this we will have the opportunity to be more human. This ebook is written by Us, To Us and for US! Over 10 years in the making I talk to you personally if you are Crystal, Indigo, Translucent or a Lightworker or have children that are. We will discuss where other books about us left out. Concerning Ascension health, Spiritual Intelligence, living in a multi dimensional world and our soul purpose and light evolution. Do not neglect yourself from this work of self empowerment.


Spiritual Counselors Certification Course:

This accredited course will give you all the skills and abilities to effectively pursue your ambition of helping others with Spiritual Metaphysics laws and healing modalities. The course curriculum includes Healing Denial ~ The Spirit of Denial ~ Healing Reclaiming and Recovery ~ De Ni Al {deny all} ~ The Spiritual Metaphysics of Spiritual Counseling. This course is taught by our certified assistants and one will be given to you as your personal tutor to ensure your 100% success rate for legal certification and meets all of our criteria for certified staff. An offer to join our collective will be offered to everyone that succeeds.


  Services Offered  But not Limited to:

Clientele Membership Package:

20% discounts on all books and material. 

TWO Free Tarot Readings per month. Weekly Astrological forecasts sent weekly to your email provider with any important updates. Free Numerology Chart. Refer $40.00 of services to our center each month and receive your next month free!

And your personal Spiritual Coach to assist in life challenges and help direct you to the many modalities we offer for your Self Empowerment. This is all yours for a very modest monthly fee of only $25.00. 

Click on here to see more of our Members Benefit {Program that many other professional service providers refuse to come close to:



Level 1 Practitioners Course:

This course is geared as a beginners course and a prerequisit for those pursuing minister credentials and any accredited certification. It effectively teaches The Wheel of the Year, How to develope your psychic and spiritual gifts and Applying effective spellwork. Included is your private hands on tutor enabling you complete understanding and certification. $60.00

See it here:


Level 2 Practitioners

Level 2 Practitioners Course:

A prerequisite for all Ministers, Healers, Counselors, and Lightworkers. This second level course deals with soul counseling and certification and ministerial rights and privilege. Included is your own tutor to enable you 100% graduation.

Minister/Priest or Priestess certification plus Spiritual Counselor degree is accredited and certified for authenticity and meets all our bi-laws to have only fully trained and certified staff. An in-service offer with RavenStar Enchantments will be given after certification.

$75.00 discounted  Feb. 2013

Course study and eBooks include:

Pagan Ministers Manual  Pagan Parents  Manual

Healing Denial A Path to Unconditional Love

See it here:


Level 3 Practitioners Course:

This is a very advanced course in High Magick and effectively certifies you as High Priest/Priestess without any room for doubt you have the best abilities to handle your life path. It includes our High Magick course, learning the ways of old Babylonian traditions, Angel work and advanced ritual design. Included is a tutor certified in the 3rd Degree to assist you and maintain a 100% graduation.

$275.00 Discounted.

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Dr. Of Metaphysics Degree Course Study

Curriculum includes Meditation,ESP, Education, Law of Attraction, Consciousness, After Life Studies, God Theory, Reincarnation, Near Death Experiences, Chakras and Mediumship. With your private certified Dr. of Metaphysics tutor that will give you successful completion for certification.

After legal certification we will also make a job offer to each new Dr. of Metaphysics.

$300.00 for this online course.

All Things Metaphysical:

to include Weddings, Funerals, Rites of Passage, House Blessings and Cleansings, all spell work and personal help issues are taken on a case by case decision and you may send your requests for these and for purchasing our material to: